Increasing awareness and improving accessibility to empower entrepreneurs in Tanzania


Wazo Bora connects investors and entrepreneurs in Tanzania, emphasizing empowering local micro-enterprises.

Our women-led team is motivated to scout and match investors and entrepreneurs to opportunities.

We rely on proven methods and structure to address challenges for entrepreneurs and investors.

Our experts take an integrated approach, with a hands-on mentality, to advise and become your implementation partners.

Throughout our collaboration, we seek design, and seize opportunities for capacity building to leave our partners with self-efficiency.

We work across four areas to create and maintain thriving MSMEs:

  • building their capacity through business training, methods, tools, and network
  • exploring innovative finance models via strategic partnerships
  • bridging the finance gap by preparing MSMEs to become investment-ready
  • scaling impact by launching a community to advocate for an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem


The mantras driving the impact we create:

Think globally, act locally!

Learn by doing!

Hold all accountable!