Increasing awareness and improving accessibility to empower entrepreneurs in Tanzania



Your partner through every stage of the development of your business.

Validating business idea and start-up
Fundraising strategies and pricing strategies
Growth tactics, Sales & Marketing Strategies
Efficiency in operations   
Talent recruitment and retention
Business continuity planning for longevity and resilience

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You can trust the administration of your investment with us.


Pre-investment due diligence
An investment exit strategy
Access to local networks Reduce risk and perceptions of risk
Eliminate transaction costs, especially search costs and bargaining costs
Counter-balance information asymmetry to reduce enforcement costs

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Assess your needs and design the project with us.

Are you looking to uncover opportunities in your business? Are you seeking help building a business case to expand investment in vital business areas?

A discovery audit objectively examines every aspect of your business to deliver actionable insights aimed at helping your business grow: 

  • to acquire new customers? 
  • to enter the Tanzanian market? 
  • to internationalize? 
  • to make the most of your current customer base?

The discovery process allows you to identify potential opportunities for optimization and transformation. 

Our process covers four key pillars: idea validation, sales & marketing, finance, and technology.

For output, we provide an in-depth report of all our findings and recommendations for immediate and long-term results.

Our methods utilize a series of workshops, document analysis, market research, office visits, and data examination.