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Sophia Mwinyi

Sophia Mwinyi

Expertise Data Analytics & Fintech

Sophie has extensive expertise in end-to-end data science projects - from Problem Scoping, Data Gathering, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Data Visualization and Machine Learning Modelling. She has worked for a multinational consulting firm where she assisted various public and private sector clients across various industries in East Africa in IT systems audit, forensic investigations and dispute advisory, corporate intelligence, fraud risk management and anti-money laundering reviews, efficiency audit of development projects, procurement and expenditure reviews, and value for money audits. She is passionate about technological innovation and impact investing in achieving positive social and economic outcomes.

Masters in Data Science with a specialization in Financial Technology at the University of Cape Town (UCT)

BCom in Economics and Finance (obtained with a distinction in Economics) from UCT

BCom (Honours) in Finance from UCT

Sheilah Mwema

Sheilah Mwema

Expertise Financial & Risk Management

Sheila is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries with 5 years of work experience in the insurance Industry. She has extensive experience in risk analysis and management together with financial planning. She holds a bachelor degree in Actuarial Mathematics and a minor in Organizational Leadership.

Associate (ASA) of the Society of Actuaries

BCom in Actuarial Mathematics and a minor in Organizational Leadership from University of Manitoba

Rhoda Mcharo

Rhoda Mcharo

Expertise Digital Solutions Architecture

Rhoda is a Solution architect at Solutions Architecture consultancy (UK) She has worked in construction of SGR (Tanzania), and Strategic Planning (UK) . Rhoda has a wealth of knowledge and dedicated herself to help entrepreneurs reach their potential and achieve their goals by providing custom solutions to the challenges facing the business.

Msc in Transport Planning and Engineering (University of Leeds)

Sophia Mwema

Sophia Mwema

Expertise Business Model Innovation

Sophy is passionate about economic empowerment through entrepreneurial enterprises. She enjoys designing new products and business ventures to enable social, economic and environmental sustainability. She brings with her a diverse international experience from studying and working with companies in Canada, Germany and Poland. Sophia has experience in strategy development and execution through working with executive management in venture capital contexts.

Msc in Innovation management, entrepreneurship and sustainability at TU Berlin

MA in strategic management consulting from HWR Berlin

MSc in Management at SGH Warsaw

BBA in International Business from Brock University

Bsc in Management from EBS Universität