Increasing awareness and improving accessibility to empower entrepreneurs in Tanzania

Our vision 

We envision a democratized entrepreneurial ecosystem for Tanzania!

Our mission

We empower micro and small medium enterprises (MSME) through better access to finance, management training, and tools.

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During the corona lockdowns, we were international students and immigrants in our host countries. In one of our habitual group calls, we wondered how micro-entrepreneurs, especially in informal sectors, were getting by. A few sentences into the conversation, the opportunities were clear in addressing the systemic challenges.

Investors need help finding credible investments, as microenterprises need help attracting investors. We explored how the 'missing middle' manifests- where many microenterprises (often informal) perish or do not scale to become small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) due to limited access to capital, information, mentorship, networks, and other forms of support.

Our experience with the tech-based ecosystem tends to be elitist and close-knit — a barrier reinforced by language, as English (not Swahili) is often a prerequisite to access and belonging in the spaces. Over the months, we investigated why Tanzanians had been labeled as having a low entrepreneurial spirit in the region.
Our mission speaks directly to impact entrepreneurs and investors seeking to foster an entrepreneurial culture in Tanzania.


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Our approach is radically people-first. We consult first before advancing a project.

We infuse “design thinking” principles throughout the engagement.

We are hands-on in problem-solving and adaptable to ambiguities.

We reach out via digital and non-digital platforms in both English & Swahili.

We rely on the community, crowd wisdom, and open-innovation approach to address coordination challenges. 

Accessibility is our north star!


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TO move away from the traditional "debt vs equity" financing dichotomy.
Inspired by innovative finance instruments, we leverage share resources via partnerships.
We advocate strategic bootstrapping, next to fundraising.

TO design and implement impact metrics for social and environmental sustainability.
Besides economic prosperity, we consider communal benefits. For longevity, we plan for succession and talent development.

TO lead the practice of good governance and accountability.
Transparency by enforcing check and balance mechanisms.
Introducing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for process excellence.
Using digital tools to keep records, monitor input, output, outcomes, and process metrics.